SportKids of America is devoted to teaching and mentoring America’s youth in the outdoors. We believe the great outdoor’s heritage is dependent on a well informed, safe and engaged youth involvement. Our goal is to mentor young people  in hunting or fishing, teaching them correct, safe and responsible hunting and fishing methods. SportKids of America’s goal is not to take the young people hunting or fishing one time, but to mentor them throughout all aspects of the chase and catch. Young people who participate in SportKids of America will learn to give back and participate in conservation programs. We will partner with state wildlife divisions and help to teach hunter safety education courses. We appreciate you visiting our site and look forward to keeping you up to date on our events. SportKids of America is also applying for non-profit status to assist us in reaching as many young people as possible to help make them SportKids.


Our Mission

Turning kids into SportKids of America we will teach America’s youth the outdoor lifestyle. Inspiring them to be stewards of the outdoors through mentorship, hunter education, hunting and fishing opportunities, conservation and game management.

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